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History of the CCAA

 In 1984, the CCAA was founded by eight crane certifiers to establish standards for their industry. The objective was to build the knowledge of crane inspectors through training, testing and certification; and with free exchange of ideas between professionals, to gain competitive advantage and grow their companies. Through a recognized accreditation program, the CCAA helps provide a source of certified professional inspectors for crane owners/operators and clients for their membership

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Recent News

Newsletter June 2018

Jun 20, 2018

Board of Directors

Oct 8, 2017
The Board of Directors met in Houston, TX on September 07, 2017. The 2018 - 2020 Executive Officers were approved by the Board of Directors. Stay tuned for more on that. The Board of Directors approved to restart the CCS program. This will be an ongoing process. Help is needed in all areas of the program. The three disciplines are Overhead, Mobile, and Tower Cranes. Stay tuned for an update on this program. If you are interested in helping contact Donald at president@cranecertification.org.

Our Next Conference

2018 Spring Educational Conference

2018 Spring Educational Conference is filled with vital information for crane surveyors and two dynamite field trips.  The primary goal of CCAA has always been to advance the capability and professional status of crane surveyors.  The following program outline affords attendees the opportunity to hone their crane surveying skills.

  • The conference will begin with a reception and social time Sunday evening.  This is a good time to renew friendships and “talk shop”. 
  • The U.S. Office of Maritime Compliance will present updated information issues specifically related to dockside marine lifting equipment.  NCCCO will bring news of the certification process and status.
  • Speakers will present information on various types of crane inspections, proper repair of structural damage, the use and application of limit switches, risk management for surveyors, and using modern technology in crane inspections.
  • Field trips are scheduled to visit PACCAR and Crosby manufacturing plants.
  • Monday evening will be open to enjoy the local restaurants and interesting sights.
  • A short business meeting will be conducted for the general membership and Board of  Directors meetings will be held before and after the conference.

CCAA Educational Conferences are programmed to bring important “how to” information to the surveyor so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences and capture the best practices that are available in our field.  This conference is for YOU!